English Syntax: An Introduction

English Syntax: An Introduction

作者:Kim, Jong-Bok/ Sells, Peter, 出版社:Baker & Taylor Books, 出版日期:2008-05-15

商品條碼:9781575865683 , ISBN:1575865688
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English Syntax: An Introduction
Focusing on the descriptive facts of English, this volume provides a systematic introduction to English syntax for students with no prior knowledge of English grammar or syntactic analysis. English Syntax aims to help students appreciate the various sentence patterns available in the language, understand insights into core data of its syntax, develop analytic abilities to further explore the patterns of English, and learn precise ways of formalizing syntactic analysis for a variety of English data and major constructions such as agreement, raising and control, the auxiliary system, passive, wh- questions, relative clauses, extrapolation, and clefts.
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